Solutions to Restore Ocean Health

Science + Technology + Collaboration

Our Work

  • Species Conservation

    Whale Safe

    Preventing fatal ship collisions with endangered whales using AI-powered ocean sensors, big data models, citizen science, and ship tracking data.

    Whale Safe
  • Plastics

    Clean Currents Coalition

    Turning off the tap of plastic pollution entering the ocean through community-first, data-centric interventions in rivers around the world.

    Clean Currents Coalition

    Our Mission

    To restore the health of the ocean by leveraging the power of science, technology, and collaboration to develop replicable and scalable solutions


    Announcing the first cohort of Benioff Scholars in Applied Environmental Science

    Ten graduate students at UC Santa Barbara have been awarded grants to support their summer research. The Benioff Scholars Program aims to advance diversity in the environmental science community and support research that provides near-term solutions to pressing threats to environmental health.

    Our DEIJ Initiatives