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The Solution to Ocean Pollution; Indonesia’s first Trash Wheel

Posted by Ky Chee | Lombok, Indonesia

The Problem:
Indonesia is the 2nd largest contributor to oceans plastic waste in the world. The majority of the waste is land based which is spread into our ocean through rivers ways. The Jankuk River is the most polluted river in Lombok that empties into the open ocean. It releases approximately 5 tonnes of waste into the ocean every month.

Solution: Install a hydro-solar powered Trash Wheel at the river mouth of the dirtiest river in Lombok.
This system is based on the engineers at ClearWaterMills (Baltimore, U.S.A). It’s a proven solution to prevent the trash from entering the ocean from the rivers. They have collected over 750 tonnes of trash in a 3 year period.

We have completed a site survey with ClearWater Mills as well as partnered with the local community and government to gain their support. You can see our progress at our website

The waste collected can then be re-integrated into our currently operating plastic management system.
This sustainable model will:
1)stop trash entering the ocean
2) create jobs for the communities
3) revitalize river bank and beaches

Our vision is to lead and empower by implementing a viable solution to inspire other developing nations

Video links;

Short Animation explainer

Call to Action, Fundraiser campaign

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